History of establishment

The Union for Clerical Staff The Postal Services Department (JPP) was established on 10th June 1960 under the name of the POS OFFICE OF POS MALAYA UNION or POST OFFICE WOKERS (UPOW) with registration number 34.


Membership application must be made by filling out a form determined by the Union and communicating it to the Branch Secretary. Branch Secretary shall deliver to the General Committee of the Council for approval.

Clerk Of Workers - Clerical Workers Pos Malaysia Berhad Peninsular Malaysia

Union of Clerical Workers Pos Malaysia Berhad Peninsular Malaysia Membership of this Union is open to employees who are paid by Pos Malaysia Berhad as Clerk Officer, Senior Clerk Officer, High Clerk Officer, Low Clerk Officer, Computer Operator or Machine, Stenographer, Typist and Grade- allied grades, except those employed in the Management team, in confidential affairs or in Security positions. PRESIDENT MESSAGE

President Message


President UPCW Malaysia

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, The whole world in general and especially our country has been hit by the COVID19 pandemic that has occurred all over the world. For almost 3 months now we are in the implementation of the Movement Control Order (PKP) nationwide and now we are in the implementation of the Restoration Movement Control Order (PKPP). Indeed, the COVID19 epidemic has affected our daily routine as well as the company's business and we must work together in implementing the "NEW NORMS" of our lives in curbing the epidemic. On behalf of the union, we are always together including the management through the Covid 19 Special Committee which has been established for the purpose of monitoring and channeling information from time to time. On this occasion, the Union expresses its deepest gratitude to all parties, especially frontline staff (frontliners) who have put the country's interests first in ensuring POS services continue to be relevant in helping the community and residents in this country. Congratulations and well done. Throughout the years before and in the future, we must all be prepared to face the changes that are happening and will happen where there are definitely many challenges that we have to face. However, we should be thankful because until now our beloved Pos Malaysia Company has not made any layoffs or salary cuts during this pandemic period. If we look out there, many industries in our country are affected which causes more than 40% of layoffs to occur. Therefore, we call on all employees, especially members, to always give high commitment in us to ensure the survival and the company of Pos Malaysia. We must always be ready to accept change in the future, the commitment of the Union is always to ensure that Post staff are in the security protected and the welfare of members is always protected and defended. Brothers and sisters, On this occasion, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Brother Rahim bin Aman who is our former President who has retired since Feb 2020. Indeed, his services and devotion in leading UPCW for almost 12 years will always be remembered. Thank you for educating and teaching us the meaning of leadership and InsyAllah his spirit will always be ours. To the Branch leadership of each state, we would also like to express our gratitude and congratulations to the Branch Chairman, Branch Secretary and the members of the Committee who always give high commitment in carrying out their respective trusts and responsibilities. For the newly elected line-up whether re-elected or successfully elected in this election, we congratulate and safely carry out the trust given by the members of their respective branches. Not forgetting us to the State Management especially the State Manager, Head of Mail Operations, State Channel Manager, Courier Liaison Officer (CLO) and the State Human Capital Manager who are always together with the Union in assisting staff especially members of the Union in any problem in the workplace as well as jointly look after the welfare of the staff. Hopefully this harmonious relationship is always sown fertile with the principle of "Employers Agree" and every problem that occurs can be solved situation "Win Win Situation". Finally, we hope and hope that all members of the Union will always together support the union by giving feedback, views and suggestions for us all to help each other especially and Pos Malaysia in general to stay relevant, move actively for survival and time in front of us and the Pos Malaysia company. InsyaAllah. Thank you. MOHD EFFENDY ABDUL GHANI "We must continue to unite and move forward with full determination to overcome all obstacles. At the same time, we should not be afraid to seize the opportunity and make this opportunity a source of success. We face ongoing challenges, but I am confident we will succeed because we are a very capable team. ” Mohamed Rozaidi Md Sharif Chief Executive Officer Malaysia Post

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