Union Membership

Membership of this Union is open to employees employed by Pos Malaysia Berhad as Clerk Officer, Senior Clerk Officer, High Clerk Officer, Low Clerk Officer, Computer Operator or Machine, Stencil, Typist and Associate Grades, except paid employees in the Management team, in confidential affairs or in Security positions. They must be over 16 years of age and have a place of work in Peninsular Malaysia provided that a person who is still subject to education pursuant to the Education Act, 1961 shall not be a member unless:

  • Actually a worker under the definition of the Trade Unions Act 1959; and
  • Aged over 18 years old.

An union member who is not yet 18 years of age is not entitled to vote on any of the following matters: -

  • strike and related matters.
  • charging a special fee (levy);
  • dissolving the Union or any Association of Trade Unions or this Union Consultant's body to be its members.
  • amendments to the Union's regulations if such amendments will result in the further extension of the member's liability to contribute or to the lesser interest it may incur.

A member who is not yet 21 years of age may not be an Officer or Trustee of the Union.

Membership application must be made by filling out a form determined by the Union and communicating it to the Branch Secretary. Branch Secretary shall deliver to the General Committee of the Council for approval. The General Committee of the Committee at its discretion may reject any membership request without giving any reason.

When a person's application has been approved by the General Committee of the Committee, his entry fee and his or her first monthly payment have been made, his name shall be registered in the Register of Members as a member and shall be provided free of charge to the Union Regulations book.

(6) A person who is admitted into a member and subsequently ceases to be paid as specified in Rule 3 (1) may be an Associate so benefits under the Welfare Fund (if any) may be paid to him or his nominee. A person who fails to continue his membership as an Associate or a person who has been paid retirement benefits shall cease to be a member of the Union and his name shall be removed from the Register of Members.