History of Establishment

The Union for Clerical Staff The Postal Services Department (JPP) was established on 10th June 1960 under the name of the POS MALAYA OFFICE WORKERS UNION or POST OFFICE WOKERS (UPOW) with registration number 34. UPOW was then one of the oldest Trade Unions in Malaya.

However, UPOW was finally canceled by the Registrar of Trade Unions on 4th June 1988 for failing to comply with the terms set out under the Trade Unions Act 1959.

Upon the cancellation of the UPOW, a committee of 'Sponsors' was established to apply for a new Union registration to continue the UPOW's continuity to safeguard the staff's interests (JPP). On 17th January 1989, the Peabody of the Peninsular Malaysia POSTAL WORKSHOP BEHAVIOR (KPPPSM) was established and approved under the registration number 619.

The name was used up to November 6, 1992 and when the Postal Services Department was incorporated on 1st January 1992 the name of the union was changed to EMPLOYEES UNIT PERKERANIAN POS MALAYSIA BERHAD, PENINSULA MALAYSIA or also known as UNION OF POSTAL CLERICAL WORKERS - UPCW up to date and recognized by Pos Malaysia Berhad on 29 December 1992.